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All of our coffee is going to be a light roast. We roast it to a level where we feel brings out the best flavors in each coffee.

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Since coffee is a seasonal crop, coffee is available from different countries at different times throughout the year. The amout of green coffee we purchse can depend on many things, the lot size, the amout still available from the importer, or the cost of the coffee.

We try our best to purchase coffees we can keep in rotation for a few months with wholesale and retail.

If there are certain coffees we loved and have the option to purchase during the next crop year we will! We love bringing the next year crop in. Let us know if there is one you would love to see again!

Unfortunately the organic certification process for farmers can be costly to obtain, even though they are using organic practices. We often work with small lot farmers (many in developing nations) who can’t afford the certification, but are farming with highly intentional and safe soil/growing practices. Some coffees we bring on will be organic but it’s not something we seek after as a whole. The quality of the coffee we are sourcing is in the top 3% of coffee grown worldwide so it has a lot of inherent care built in.

We may be! Please fill out one of these forms and we will reach out to you if we have an open position.

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We ship all of our orders out as whole bean to preserve freshness.

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