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Antheia - Carbonic Maceration Ethiopia

Antheia - Carbonic Maceration Ethiopia

Carbonic Maceration Guji Hambela
We taste: Black cherry + passion fruit + tropical
Light roast whole bean coffee
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  • About the Farm

    • Producers: Deri Kidame Kebele Smallholders (Deri Kidame Washing Station)
    • Mill/Washing Station: Deri Kidame Washing Station by Tracon
    • Region: Guji Hambela Wamena - Oromia Region
    • Elevation: 2,200 MSAL
    • Grade: 1
    • Variety: 74110, 74112 & Local Landraces

  • Processing

    • Process: Carbonic Maceration
    • Carbonic Environment Fermentation Time: 72 Hours
    • Drying Time: 21 Days on raised beds
  • Brewing

    We have been using this coffee for espresso, drip, and pour overs!

    Very pleasant as espresso with some fruity/tropical notes, very tasty as a cappuccino as well!

    For pour overs we suggest 1:15

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Antheia is the goddess of swamps and flowery wreaths.

Tracon Washing Station

In 2021, Tracon chose to participate in Ethiopia’s second ever Cup of Excellence Auction and had 2 different coffees score an impressive placement in the top 20 of all the coffees submitted in the Ethiopia COE Auction. In 2021, a record-breaking number of entries 1,849 for any countrywide Cup of Excellence competition entered the competition to compete that particular year. Placing in the best of top 20 coffees produced in Ethiopia should speak volumes for itself.

Tracon is a family owned business who owns a total of 30 washing stations located around Ethiopia. All experimental coffees are processed at Tracon’s own washing stations. First, local farmers collect cherries from the surrounding kebele (village) of Deri Kidame and deliver to the local Washing Station. The Deri Kidame Washing Station is managed by Kenzu Ahmed. Kenzu provides oversight and management of all the experimental projects for Tracon at Deri Kidame. During the harvest season, daily operation mainly consist of providing oversight over cherry selection, post harvest production and compensation distribution directly to their local farming partners.

Carbonic Maceration

It is the prolonged fermentation which occurs within the cell structure of the coffee cherry. It consists of the chemical reaction that occurs when water mixes with the sugars present inside the cherry, causing the bacterias, yeasts and other microorganisms to break down the sugars and convert them into acids or alcohol.