Chupacabra - Washed Aricha Ethiopia

Chupacabra - Washed Aricha Ethiopia

Washed Ethiopia
We taste: Jasmine + peach + pina colada
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Grower –800 smallholder farmers organized around the Adorsi washing stationVariety –KurumeRegion –Aricha kebele, Yirga Chefe woreda, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, EthiopiaHarvest –November – DecemberAltitude –1900 – 2000 maslSoil –VertisolProcess –Fully washed and dried on raised beds


About the Adorsi Washing Station 

Adorsi is a private washing station located in the Yirgacheffe district, in the heart of southern Ethiopia’s coveted Gedeo Zone.Adorsi is a very young washing station, having only been first established in 2018.Cherries are delivered to the washing station daily throughout the harvest months, where it is depulped and fermented for 36-48 hours depending on the local climate. After fermentation is complete the wet parchment is washed in long channels to scrub off residual mucilage and float off the lowest density coffee. Drying occurs under parabolic shade netting for 5-7 days and rotated consistently until reaching a final resting moisture content of 11-12 percent.

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