Hydra - Kateshi Estate

Hydra - Kateshi Estate

Washed (with lactic acid and yeast fermentation) Zambia
We taste: Vanilla wafer + dried peach + lime zest
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Farm: Kateshi Estate

Region: Northern Province

Growing Altitude: 1300m

Process: Washed, extended fermentation with lactic acid and yeast

Harvest Season: 2020/2021

The Olam Coffee Estate Company in Zambia was started in 2012. It is both the largest coffee producer in Zambia and now the largest employer in the country. As one of the longest-running and most established wet-processing facilities in Zambia, Kateshi has led the way in experimental post-harvest techniques, including anaerobic and yeast fermentation. This fully washed lot has undergone extended fermentation with lactic acid and yeast starter cultures, resulting in enhanced sweetness and nuanced flavors.


Lightly roasted coffee - roasted to bring the best characterisitcs out of each coffee.

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