Kalypso – Honduras Finca El Mandarino

Kalypso – Honduras Finca El Mandarino

Natural Process Honduras
We taste: Strawberries & cream + red wine + orange blossom
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Lot: #55

Crop: 2021

Producer: Rosy Dariela Mancia

Farm: Finca El Mandarino

Region: Mercedes, Octotepeque

Altitude: 1205 MSAL

Variety: Parainema

Process: Natural (96 Hour Fermentation)


When Dariela isn’t working a full time job outside of coffee, raising a wonderful little girl together with her
husband Roy, she’s working long nights and endless weekends cultivating mind blowing specialty coffees on
her farm Finca El Mandarino. Their land is made up of two small farms that combed together make up 1.7
hectares between the two. At Finca El Mandarino both Dariela’s and Roy’s families assist and help out around
the farm during each harvest. In exchange, because Dariela has 3 solar dryers at the farm, they offer and
provide the use of the solar dryers at Finca El Mandarino, and also assist with helping sell the coffees
produced by both families. The varieties grown on the farm are Pacas, Obatà and Parainema. Shade is
provided by a large variety of pine, guamo, cuanagiquil, and liquidambar trees that are spread throughout the
land. They grow mango, bananas and plantains, but mainly for personal consumption. All the coffees
cultivated are TO certified and the farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified.


Parainema is a hybridized cultivar resistant to coffee leaf rust and nematode infestations, the line began in
1981 as part of a series of experiments to address producers issues with disease and pests, and was
originally known as Sarchimor T-5296. First plantings were in Costa Rica circa 2006-2008 and it was
introduced to Honduras in 2010. It’s a short shrub with either green leaf tips, bronze, or both, depending on
the lineage. The coffee has been allowed to ferment and dry on raised beds for 96 hours outside in the sun.
The coffee is then brought inside after the initial fermentation/drying phase to be finished off on raised
drying beds inside the hand-built parabolic solar dryers for an additional 18 days.


Lightly roasted coffee - roasted to bring the best characterisitcs out of each coffee.

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