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Adonis - Colombia Finca Lote Santa Maria

Adonis - Colombia Finca Lote Santa Maria

Washed Process
We taste: kiwi + milano cookie + white peach
Light roast whole bean coffee
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Farm Info

Finca Lote 3 is located in Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia, and is run by Miller Sarmiento. His farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,952 m.a.s.l. and consists of 8 hectares of land Of those 8 hectares, 4 are planted in coffee, with about 14,000 trees. Within these trees, Miller grows a mix of Red Caturra, Orange Caturra, Typica, and Castillo; this lot is a mix of Red and Orange Caturra.

This lot starts by hand picking and fermenting the coffee thereafter for 24 hours in cherry, de-pulps, and then ferments for an additional 36 hours. Upon washing, the coffee is laid out to dry for between 10-14 days, depending on the climate. This is our second year working with Miller, whom we met through our Santa Maria buying station and the work we do together with Association La Victoria.

About the Farmer

Miller and his wife Johany inherited the farm from her father 18 years ago and ever since, they have been living there and building their own house which they have improved mostly by the earnings received by coffee production. They have 4 children the youngest. Michelle, 15 years old, wants to become an environmental engineer and help her dad preserve the farm ecosystem and their coffee production. The family has seen the importance of taking care of their environment, they are slowly transitioning into organic, They are one of the Producers del Futuro who will benefit from the Organic Project The Coffee Quest is developing in alliance with the government´s agency “National Natural Parks of Colombia.”  

As for now, Miller has received workshops in developing his own fertilizers and has planted native trees along with his coffee plants. There is a 1+ hectare of natural forest reserve, which he takes special care of because it provides fresh water for 6 families including him. 

An interesting fact about Miller is that he comes from a family of 18 siblings, and even though his father was a coffee farmer, only two of his siblings remain growing coffee, he is the only one who has specialty coffee and is experimenting with fermentations with the technical assistance of our team.

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