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Arion - Colombia Finca Chambaku

Arion - Colombia Finca Chambaku

Lactic Fermentation
We taste: Chocolate covered pineapple + wine + lavender
Light roast whole bean coffee
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Farm Info

  • Grower: Juan Felipe Restrepo
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Altitude: 1,400 - 1,600 Masl
  • Process: Lactic- K fermentation

Finca Chambaku is the 17-hectare specialty section of the main farm, Hacienda El Jardin, owned by Elmer Restrepo. There are 12 year-round workers that live on the farm. Parts of the farm remain uncultivated to allow wildlife to thrive and land is continuously being acquired to help sustain the existing water sources.

Lactic- K Fermentation - Hand sorted cherries are sealed in an anerobic bio-reactor for 183 hours of fermentation with kefir water, a proprietary indigenous mother culture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast developed by the Restrepo family. The lactic-K culture is grown on a sugar cane substrate that is liquified and recirculated through the coffee.

Drying: After fermentation, the coffee is dried in both a mechanical silo and greenhouse for a combined total 14 days. The coffee is meticulously monitored during this time until it reaches the ideal moisture level.

Juan Felipe Restrepo is responsible for agronomy, harvesting and processing the coffee produced and processed at the state-of-the-art facility on the farm. His goal is to create innovative new processing techniques in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Also, Juan Felipe aids growers, both locally and in our station in Huila, with agronomy and harvesting techniques to improve the overall quality of their coffee and sustainability. The alliance of growers that meet our specifications and provide us with consistent quality coffees are paid a premium over the market price.
Juan Alejandro Restrepo, a Q Grader, is responsible for the coffee once it reaches the milling facility, Invercafe, making sure that the beans are milled and properly sorted, so only the best beans are selected for export. He is also in charge of our Cupping, Tastify sheets and roasting protocols.

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