Mythical Matcha

Mythical Matcha

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Ceremonial grade matcha packaged by Spirit Tea. 

The volcanic soil and river-rich region of Uji makes its topography, and particularly its matcha, a cultural titan: the birthplace of oishita saibai, or covering tea bushes in shade, has made its pine-green, amino acid-laden leaves a benchmark in Japanese tea production and history. Kobayashi san, a lauded level ten tea master and Kyoto native, embodies the region’s tea traditions of past and present perfectly. Impeccably smooth, lusciously creamy, and expertly balanced between sweet and savory, Kakuun is a matcha supreme and an experience divine. Notes of tart strawberry, roasted buttered broad beans, and cherry blossom.

Comes in a 40g resealable container, vacuumed-sealed for everyone's protection. Please use within 6 months of opening for optimal freshness. Store your matcha away from sunlight, tightly closed, and in cooler temperatures.

Read more about Kakuun here.

Region: Kyotanabe, Uji, Japan

Variety: Okumidori blend

Harvest: May 2022

Producer: Mr. Kobayashi

Brewing Recommendation: 2g | 85g water | 170°F | Whisk until frothy

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