Phoenix - Washed Gondo Kenya

Phoenix - Washed Gondo Kenya

Washed Kenya
We taste: Lavender + nectarine + yellow cake
Light roast whole bean coffee
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TRACEABLE TO: 727 Members


VARIETALS: SL 28, K7, Ruiru 11, Batian

PROCESSING: Cherries are delivered to the mill same day as picking, where they are floated, pulped and fermented for 16 hours before washing, density grading and drying on raised beds until they reache 10.5%, oftentimes 12-14 days.

Gondo Wet Mill collects from 727 active members, smallholders with +/- 50 trees each, scattered along the Abadare Range. This is Mathioya District, within the more well-known Murang’a County, in the north-western sector of the famous Central Highlands.
Gondo is part of the larger, 2,469 member New Kiriti FCS which includes sister stations Kayu and Kirimahiga. The cooperative maintains an executive committee seven as well as a separate 3-person oversight committee, with one representative coming from every wet mill. All together they boast 19 full-time staff with 25 additional workers hired on during the harvest.

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